Google Play for Education

Google Play for Education is an extension of Google Play designed for schools. Here educators can discover Android and Chrome apps approved by teachers for teachers, as well as educational videos and a collection of classic books for their classroom.

Teachers can search for approved apps by grade, subject and standard, including Common Core State Standards. They can bulk purchase and pay using a purchase order, then instant distribution let educators bring your apps directly to classrooms and schools.

If you have an educational app, include it in Google Play for Education. Google Play for Education can help your innovative educational apps gain visibility with the right audiences, without having to knock on school doors.


Get discovered

With Google Play for Education, teachers and administrators can browse content by curriculum, grade, and standard — discovering the right content for their students. If your app offers an exciting new way to learn sixth grade algebra, math educators will be able to find, purchase, and distribute your app to their classes in a few clicks.

Reach more schools and students

Millions of students, faculty, and staff are using Google Apps for Education and other Google services. Many of these schools are excited to take advantage of tablets with Google Play for Education and they are looking to bring your apps into their classrooms, especially apps using Google sign-on.

Monetize effectively

With Google Play for Education, educators are able to make high-volume purchases using standard institutional payment mechanisms and then distribute apps to the students who need them — whether it’s a class of 20 or a district of 20,000.


Android tablets in the classroom

Google Play for Education brings the innovation of Android technology into classrooms. School districts can set up and deploy large numbers of devices in just minutes or hours, rather than days.

Curriculum-based discovery

Powerful browsing tools let educators quickly discover apps, videos, and other content—with many recommended by teachers and categorized according to familiar Core Curriculum standards.

Bulk purchase with institutional payment

Convenient purchasing and delivery tools let educators buy apps in bulk, using purchase orders and other payment methods that are easy for schools to manage.

Over-the-air delivery to student devices

After finding apps they want, educators can push them instantly to student devices over the air. They can send the apps to individuals or groups of any size, across classrooms, schools, or even districts.

For Developers

For Teachers and Educators