Google Mobile Ads

Monetize your app with banner or interstitial ads from Google's vast pool of advertisers. Integrate with top ad networks through mediation to maximize your revenue from impressions. Take advantage of new ad features and capabilities through Google Play services, without having to add or update a library in your APK.

Check out the Google Mobile Ads API reference and visit for more information about integrating Google Mobile Ads into your app.

Upgrade to the new AdMob

Legacy AdMob will be shutting down on August 31, 2014. Beginning August 31, you will no longer be able to use legacy AdMob to promote and monetize your apps. Specifically, please be aware of the following:

  1. Ads will stop serving to legacy ad units that are not updated with new ad unit IDs.
  2. Legacy house ad campaigns will stop serving.
  3. You will not be able to access the legacy AdMob UI after August 31, 2014.

If you are still using legacy AdMob, please upgrade your account to the new AdMob as soon as possible. Upgrading takes only 5 minutes. Start here.